Sunday, September 18, 2011

NBA Lockout: Strip Clubs Going Under...

The strip clubs are going under due to the NBA Lockout.

The following from
Cavs: the Blog:

Happy Sunday everyone! (And go Browns, should you be so inclined.)

We’re back with the latest entry of
Drawings from the Notebook of Chris Grant, and sadly, today marks our third pictorial foray into the NBA lockout ripple effect. (For those keeping track, here are the first two: Barren NBA Website & the lonely NBA ball.)

Can we put an end to this already? Kyrie needs practice and the Cavs have to get their money’s worth for the one season Jonas Valanciunas is ineligible.

Is 50 games now the most likely scenario here? Even amidst the apparent reality that the NBA would be submarining itself during the upswing of a resurgence?

I honestly have no idea, but Brian Windhorst is
tweeting pessimistically.

Not good for two reasons.

One—He’s usually right, and two—My birthday’s next week and the hottest place still open is Friendly’s.


(Picture by, and/or Ryan + Aron.)

(Also, one more note: Having never actually been to a strip club—I talk a big game, but worry the site of a woman naked in real life might make my heart explode—I looked all over the internet for an adequate reference picture from which to draw. And the only one I found was this drawing by Mark Anderson, which I pretty shamelessly copied. So shout out to Mark Anderson—a man who knows his way around the exterior of a strip club. Thank you in advance for not suing me.)

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