Monday, September 12, 2011

The Light Bulb Freedom of Choice Act: Michele Bachmann scores a win for America…

Michele Bachmann’s Mammothly Important Light Bulb Act, by Ryan Braun

The following is a commemorative piece re: Michele Bachmann’s greatest congressional accomplishment to date—the could not be enacted soon enough, “Light Bulb Freedom of Choice Act.”

In case you’ve forgotten, this was the act that hastily ended the government's 2007 mandate that incandescent bulbs be phased out.


Here's Bachmann, from

"In 2007, Congress overstepped its bounds by mandating that only 'energy efficient' light bulbs may be sold after January 1, 2012. … Government has no business telling an individual what kind of light bulb to buy."

In truth, while I know Bachmann’s taken some ridicule for this…the LBFOCA is pretty clearly in accordance with the constitution, which is of note because the constitution is probably the only document from the 1700s that had the foresight to preemptively deal with electricity. Not to mention, when Benjamin Franklin invented the light bulb, what shape was it? It was round, right? I think...I’m actually not positive it was round, but it sure as heck wasn’t twirly like a pig’s tail. What kind of message is that supposed to send to our children that we illuminate our houses with something that looks like a pig’s tail? They’ll think that we’re calling them fat, and even though there’s a statistical probability that they are, where in the constitution does it say that we should bring it to their attention? Hell, the Greeks placed a value on fat. They placed a value on fat the way we place a value on wealth. You tell me which is healthier.

So, with that in mind, you go Michele Bachmann.
(Here's another picture of her in case you don't remember the first two.)

Keep fighting.

Keep leading.

Follow that light.

Conscience-induced Addendum:

Because I never want to be mindlessly partisan and would love it if this ended up being more of a centrist blog than a liberal one, I will admit the following:

From everything I can gather, the LBFOCA isn’t quite the "worst repeal of recent regulation" I'm making it out to be. The energy efficient bulbs still have a ways to go before they’re actually on par with their incandescent counterparts at “light bulbing,” and there’s been a rather alarming mercury concern raised with a few of the new bulbs as well. So on the innocuous meter, Bachmann’s bill is probably an 8/10. Depending on your mercury tolerance, it may even be beneficial.

Thus, in fairness to Bachmann, I’ll say this: If she’s to be scorned for anything, it has to be for her intellect/her treatment of gay people.

In fact, were I making a list of issues I have with Michele as a presidential candidate, it would read:

  1. Poor treatment of gays.
  2. Intellect.
  3. Light bulbs.
Other than that, I have no qualms.

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(Editor’s note 2: Picture by Ryan + Aron, for CenterforAmericanProgressIllustrated.)

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