Thursday, September 29, 2011

Herman Cain vs Prominent Muslims Series: Herman Cain vs Muhammad Ali

Herman Cain fights prominent Muslim Muhammad Ali in part one of our new series!

Today, I’m releasing the first of a series of works entitled, “The Herman Cain vs. Prominent Muslims series.” Essentially, it’s pictures of Herman Cain vs. prominent Muslims.

Our good friend Herman has been campaigning on a series of potentially panderous issues, perhaps the most notable of those being a healthy skepticism of Muslims in general.

Yeesh. (That’s Muslim for, “in poor taste.”)

Now, do I think Herman Cain
actually believes that all Muslims are trying to kill us, with “us” presumably meaning all American, non-Muslim people?

No. I think he’s a reasonably smart guy with a work ethic to be admired (
the man’s done a lot in his life) and has simply caught wind of how to play the game (that being, find out the issues most fervently installed in your potential base and proceed to hammer them into the ground with no regard for nuance and/or the ground—because, of the ground, hammer it hard enough and natural gas comes out!). He’s pandering, and because he has no real record in government, he’s kind of free to pander unchecked. There’s little to call him on, save for the occasional factually inaccuracy.

Anyway, I hope these pictures are silly, irreverent and enjoyable. I hope Herman Cain sees them, likes them, and maybe decides to throw in a qualifier or two when talking about religion. I’m not even religious, I just like qualifiers.

A few more thoughts in closing:

- There will be more HCVPM pictures upcoming.

- I think Herman Cain is adorable. I mean, the name “Herman” is adorable in and of itself, but on top of that he’s old, round, and has a history of making pizza. If Toys-R-Us sold a Herman Cain teddy bear, I would have it in my room.

- Despite winning the Florida straw poll last weekend, Herman Cain is polling nationally at just 5% (though depending on voter turnout, that may be enough to win).

- In Herman’s defense, I’m 99% sure the guy at my local 7-11 is a terrorist. His hot dogs are killing me.
Ba da ksh! Okay, now I’m leaving.

Ah, no I'm not! One more note/addendum—Found this on
Republican Herman Cain is apologizing to Muslim leaders for vitriolic remarks he made about Islam while campaigning for the presidential nomination.

The former Godfather's Pizza CEO has said communities have a right to ban Islamic mosques because Muslims are trying to inject sharia law into the U.S. He's also said he would not want a Muslim bent on killing Americans in his administration.

On Wednesday, Cain met with four Muslim leaders in Sterling, Va. He said in a statement later he was "truly sorry" for comments that may have "betrayed" his commitment to the Constitution and the religious freedom it guarantees.

He also acknowledged that Muslims, "like all Americans," have the right to practice freely their faith and that most Muslim Americans are peaceful and patriotic.
Okay, two(ish) more things:

1. Go Herman. That’s big of you.

2. There’s a really funny sentence in that blurb above. “[Cain's] also said he would not want a Muslim bent on killing Americans in his administration.” Bold stance.

3. Let’s end on a positive. Go Herman.

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  1. There is a big difference between the irrational Muslims you are embracing and the American based Black Muslims. I am happy to rain on your delusional position regarding your Black Muslim hero Muhammad Ali, for that matter Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods are among America’s most beloved and revered individuals. Together Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods are among the wealthiest black men in America.

    I grow weary of the repetitious mantra of how bad blacks had it or have it. Not everyone came here in chains, Africans included; but nearly every immigrant came here to escape bondage and/or participate in a new life, Africans included.

    Because America is viewed as if she is responsible for the accouchement of slavery, a couple points bear mentioning. ARAB MUSLIMS WERE THE FIRST SLAVE TRADERS; trading for African slaves on the East Coast, then trading them throughout Western Africa. (Small wonder many blacks are buying into Islam as their true religion, sarcasm intended.)

    Second, while ships from America were amongst those carrying slaves, it should be noted that whites weren’t running through the jungle with nets and chains. That was left to the pre-colonial empires of the Dahomy and Ashanti tribes located in modern day Benin and Ghana.

    In this man’s opinion if America is to hang her head in shame, let it be for the murder of millions of unborn babies. Let America hang her head in shame that vile usurpers of truth distort history and corrupt entire communities to make gain and oppress the ignorant.

    More than 600,000 Americans died to pay the price for America’s sin of slavery.

    It has been said that “whites need to learn black history. I’ll concede that if we add blacks need to let go of their opinions and learn their own history also. It was white Americans who locked arms with Dr. King; it was a black American who used blood from King’s lifeless body to feign importance. It was white Republicans who fought for the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

    It was not Liberia, the Sudan, Ghana or the Congo that produced men and women like Dr. Carter G. Goodson, Garrett Morgan, Percy L. Julian, Dr. Jane Wright, William A. Lester Jr., Daniel Hale Williams, William B. Purvis or Norbert Rillieux. Collectively those countries produce only pain, starvation and economic malaise.

    America is a country whose people were willing to correct injustice with their lives. White college students were murdered supporting Dr. King.

    Even now white Americans are doing that which the so-called black leadership will not. It is groups such as Christian Solidarity International and The American Anti-Slavery Group that are raising monies to free present-day African women and children from their Muslim captors.